Preset Brewery

A drag-n-drop tool to convert Lightroom presets to Adobe Camera Raw

(so that you can use them in Photoshop 🙂).

for macOS 10.10+

$10 $15

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Preset Brewery is not on Windows yet.

You'll get a 5.8MB .ZIP file.


v1.2.2: Fixes converting of files with not so strict structure.

v1.2.1: Adds support for the CRLF (Windows) file endings.

v1.2: Adds support for conversion of multiple files at once.

v1.1.1: Fixes few bugs based on the feedback from the users.

v1.1.: Preset Brewery can now automatically export the .xmp presets directly into the Adobe Camera Raw! (There is an option to export the preset into the current folder(where the .lrtemplate is located) or into the Adobe Camera Raw, where the preset will be available in the Presets tab.)

Send me a message when there is a version for Windows
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